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SIP / IP Doorphone, outdoor panel VoIP-DP

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SIP / IP Doorphone, outdoor panel VoIP-DP [Price: VoIP-DP1 13000 RUR | VoIP-DP2 18000 RUR ]

VoIP-DP manufacturing in two modifications VoIP-DP1 and VoIP-DP2 differs in number of the relays and presence of the sensors inputs.

VoIP-DP SIP / IP doorphone operation:

Doorphone panel is designed for integration to phone communication systems based on SIP servers and IP PBX. May be used as VoIP doorphone with door opening feature (relay control) from phone device (phone set, interface) and building of distributed emergency communication networks (including through the Internet). It is possible to connect through a Wi-Fi access point. To connect the IP doorphone to server does not require port routing, all VoIP-DP doorphones may to connect to server from any point of global network. There are two modes of "VoIP-DP server" service. In "Gateway" mode data exchange between IP doorphone and external SIP server processing by "VoIP-DP server" service, this may be installed locally with SIP server or remotely, for example, in case of hardware IP PBX using. In "Local SIP server" mode "VoIP-DP server" service operates directly with SIP phones. This helps to build an independent system with a simplified functionality. Currently the software is implemented for Windows and Linux OS. When pressing the call button on the panel, phone number specified in the settings dialing to telephone network. Operator can open door to visitor by door open code dialing or control any other device through control relay of panel. It is also possible to make the call of panel (call to the doorphone).

Synchronization with external video stream to implement the feature of video call:

Making video call is implemented by specifying of retransmitted video stream query string in the VoIP-DP server settings (supports almost any video codecs, for example: H.264, H.263 и т.д.) from video camera to SIP client (RTSP control protocol). Viewing the video depends on a SIP client.

SIP clients for video: Windows - Linphone; Linux - SFLphone; Android (unstable) - VimPhone, PortGo.

Without integration to SIP: VoIP-DP1 construction allows to to put inside panel a caseless analog camera module with dimensions not exceeding 32x32х16mm. Models examples: SK1004SOR2-normal, SK1004PHC/ISO, ASE-345H etc.


Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (H*W*T mm) 125*45*26, material - metal
  • Power supply voltage 12В
  • Power supply current 0,2А
  • Communication interface Ethernet 10BASE-T
  • Idle mode traffic ~340 bytes/min / ~15 MB by month
  • Audio codecs: G.711 (u-law, a-law), sound quality: 8 kHz 8 bit
  • Operation relays: VoIP-DP1 - 1, VoIP-DP2 - 3
  • Relay contacts ratings: commutation voltage 30V, current 2A
  • Sensors inputs: VoIP-DP1 - 0, VoIP-DP2 - 2

SIP / IP doorphone VoIP-DP hardware: VoIP-DP1 wiring diagram / VoIP-DP2 wiring diagram

Linux software ≥ 2.6.32: server 32 bit / server 64 bit / setup utility 32 bit / setup utility 64 bit

Windows 7/8/8.1 software: Server / VoIP-DP doorphone setup utility

SIP clients: 3CX Phone, Linphone, Zoiper, MicroSIP etc.

Features [adjustment and/or development of custom algorithms are possible]:

1. VoIP-DP doorphone incoming call answer modes:
- «auto answer»
- ringtone with answer by call button
- room monitor.
Each mode connects to a separate SIP account, that allows to call the IP doorphone by three different numbers to select an answer mode.

2. Call button operation modes change:
- no call
- call/hang up
- call/hang up – call

3. Microphone and speaker volume control during conversation.

4. Flexible numbering plan for relay and volume control individually for each doorphone.

5. Relay operation modes:
- Turning on 1 - 254 sec.
- Turning on/off
- synchronization with call (for example, lighting control or turning the video camera).

6. Call by sensor triggering (only for VoIP-DP2), calling number choice separately for each sensor. It is possible to connect the additional buttons or motion sensors to automatic call without pressing a call button

7. IP doorphone and SIP events logging.

Protocols support:
- Control support through SIP INFO or RFC2833 RTP EVENT.
- SIP transport protocol choice: UDP (recommended) or TCP.
- "VoIP-DP server" service configuration is via WEB interface.

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