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RF Reader 433,92 MHz (receiver)

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SCM-RADIOKEY RF Reader [ Price: 85$ ]

433.92MHz RF reader is the receiver converter of 433.92MHz remote key serial number to access control system identification code, which outputs to wiegand26 or DS1990 interface. There is two communication interfaces with access controller for separate control of entrance and exit, which makes it possible to use 433.92MHz remote keys in computerized systems, access control systems including time attendance systems.

For each interface you can set opening from any button on the remote key, or specially defined button, for first button of remote key, so one button of remote key can be use for entrance and other button can be use for exit. There is also a possibility of button number integrating to highest 4 bits of serial number (by switch) that allows you to view the code of button in access control systems. It may also be useful to assign different buttons on different functions. For example, access button, free access button, security confirmation button, etc.

The range of RF reader SCM-RADIOKEY is approximately 2-15 meters in direct line of sight (may vary with the presence of noise in the range, low battery remote key, there are obstacles in the form of walls or metal objects, etc.).

Receiver Specifications:

(wiring diagram)
  • Power supply: 12VDC
  • Power supply current: 20 mA
  • Two access controller interfaces: Wiegand26 or DS1990
  • Frequency 433,92 MHz
  • Temperature range: from +10 to +40°C
  • Board dimensions: L*W*H = 48*30*15 mm

433,92MHz remote keys compatibility

(2 modes, regulated by the switches on the board):

  • Mode 1 (switch 6 off) compatibility with remote keys on the chip HCS301, any models of Starline
  • In theory: HCS200, HCS201,HCS300, HCS360, HCS361, HCS410
  • Mode 2 (switch 6 on) compatibility with remote keys on the chips sm5162, HS1527.
  • In theory: EV1527, RT1527, FP1527
  • The joint use of both modes for a single reader is impossible. For joint use of both modes requires two reading devices are connected in parallel.

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