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PBX DP1 AUDIO / VIDEO Universal doorphone [ Price: AUDIO 135$ VIDEO 167$ ]

Universal intercom as alternative to PBX doorphone cards with ability to use as IP (VoIP, SIP) or GSM doorphone

Application and operation of the universal doorphone:

PBX-DP1 doorphone calling panel designed for use in PBX, regardless of capacity and manufacturer, is a versatile alternative to original PBX doorphone cards, and may be used as intrercom (speakerphone). It is connecting to standard analog line (like SLT) with 20-80V voltage and 12V power supply. When call button is pressed, as during the conversation, so in the free state, doorphone dials a preprogrammed number. After answering the called extension called party can open the door lock by dialing a pre-programmed code of door opening in the DTMF dialing mode. Opening of the lock is via relay (NO contact), located in calling panel, relay circuit time is 1 sec. Programming of the intercom is carried out by dialing of the programming codes in DTMF dialing mode when calling for an extension, which is calling intercom, and in this case a two-way conversation with the intercom is possible. Using the doorphone possibly on a PBX that does not support DTMF dialing. Intercom supports two pulse dialing modes (10 and 20Hz), for lock opening or programming enough to switch your phone into a temporary DTMF mode, usually by pressing "*".


Another application of pbx-dp1 calling panel:

PBX-DP1 doorphone panel connecting to SLT port of PBX. If the functionality of PBX allows you to call required subscribers in the correct order by dialing one number, simply plug to a free SLT port of PBX, and accordingly program your PBX. If in your PBX possible to call only one subscriber by dialing one number, you can use CO line features. To do this, select one more SLT port and one CO line port and connect the doorphone by this scheme:

Doorphone ----------> SLT port 1

SLT port 2 ----------> CO line port

In this case number of SLT port 2 must be programmed in the doorphone as dialing number. Routing of incoming CO calls must be programmed in PBX.

Use of PBX-DP1 doorphone calling panel as IP doorphone

PBX-DP1 may be used as doorphone connected VoIP gateway FXS port. Gatewae must be configured as EXT number of SIP server with corresponding access rights. In the doorphone sets the EXT number or ring group. When the call button is pressed, doorphone dials phone number and it sends by gateway to SIP server. Also the doorphone receives incoming calls and allows to open the door or change settings using DTMF dialing. So IP doorphone will be integrated into corporate VoIP network.

Use of PBX-DP1 doorphone calling panel as GSM doorphone

Connection of the doorphone to GSM gateway allows you to make emergency calls at the remote objects. Dialed number length can be up to 20 digits, so you can use calling panel as GSM doorphone. All doorphone features, including programming and lock control, will be fully accessible from GSM network by DTMF dialing.

You can use these solutions as intercom network for emergency calls of security officers or visitors with external device control feature, for example, lighting or siren control (additional hardware required).

PBX Doorphone calling panel with built-in video camera:

PBX-DP1 VIDEO calling panel functionality and programming algorithm repeats PBX-DP1 AUDIO doorphone, but but equipped with a b/w video camera and infrared backlight (~20sm distance).

PBX DP1 intercom available in two versions

PBX-DP1 AUDIO - classic audio calling panel for PBX without video camera.

PBX-DP1 VIDEO B/W - calling panel for PBX equipped with a video camera and infrared backlight.

PBX-DP1 intercom tested for compatibility with PBX of following manufacturers:

Alcatel, LG (Gold Star), AVAYA, AT&T, Karel, Ericsson, Panasonic, NEC, Samsung, Siemens, Daytek, Daytron, Dole, Unitel, Telrad

PBX DP1 - Universal PBX doorphone programming manual

1. doorphone pin assignment.

+ 12VDC = Red
GND = Brown
* Video = Pink
* Video GND = Gray
Telephone line (polarity does not matter) = Blue and Yellow
Relay contacts (polarity does not matter) = Green and White

2. Doorphone programming codes.

Dialing mode
X=2 pulse mode 10hz; X=3 pulse mode 20hz; X=1 DTMF mode (default 1)

Call duration time limit *2pinXXX
XXX - maximum call duration in seconds. Minimum 015, maximum 255 (default 030)
This value is required to limit call duration in case of a disoperation of an embedded busy detector due to non-standard signal "busy", his absence, noise in telephone line or around doorphone panel.

Speaker volume
X - speaker volume level 1-4 (default 4)

Dialing number
X...X 1-20 digits of dialing number

Open lock code
XXXX door opening code 1-20 digits, (default 55)

Warning!!! - It's not recommended to set door opening code consisting of a single-digit, because it leads to the possibility of opening the lock through microphone from mobile phone or other DTMF device. After first digit dialing the microphone is switched off before whole command will be done.

PIN set

*6pinXXXX# XXXX new PIN 4 digits (default 0000)
Required to change programming mode password to prevent unauthorized access to doorphone panel from local telephone network.

3. Doorphone initialization and default values.

If you lost your password for initialization open back cover of doorphone panel, connect initialization jumper, hold calling button more, than 10 sec, take off jumper, switch power off and switch power on.

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