Development and manufacture of automation systems

"Komendant" original hardware

Automation of enterprises, hardware and software development  

Access control systems / Security alarm systems

Professional SCM-IP and base SCM-NET/RS controllers, + attendant components: SCM-USB, SCM-RS232, SCM-AdmTerminal, SCM-FinTerminal, SCM-Ethernet

Industrial automation system

Controllers for technological process automation.
Base SCM-IP/NET/RS(PLC) and logical SCM-UNI controlers

Universal PBX doorphone

PBX-DP1: Universal PBX doorphone panel, audio and video modifications

SIP / IP Doorphone, VoIP outdoor panel

VoIP-DP: SIP / IP doorphone, VoIP outdoor panel, emergency communication systems

Phone recording and Audio surveillance systems

ACS-USB Controllers

433,92 MHz RF reader

SCM-RADIOKEY: RF receiver and converter of 433.92MHz remote key serial number to access control system identification code

ISO-7811 Converter

SCM ISO-7811: ISO-7811 Converter to Wiegand26 or Touch Memory (ds1990)

DTMF Converter

SCM-DTMF: DTMF Converter to Wiegand26 or Touch Memory (ds1990)

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