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DTMF dialing to wiegand26 or Touch Memory

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SCM-DTMF Converter [ Price: 270$ ]

SCM-DTMF is converter of digits, dialed on telephone in DTMF mode, to identification code of access control systems. Converter is designed for access to the premises by dialing an access code on the telephone. It is connecting in series with the calling device located near the opening access point. To send the code uses a set of numbers like * 1-7 digits #. The transfer of code to the access controller is available in wiegand26 and in DS1990. For protection of code from unauthorized interception and further access to the premises provided the possibility to temporarily disable the calling device (jumper is set) from time of character * dialing to time of character # dialing, or after 8 seconds timeout. At time of last digit dialing the device connects to the line again. It is also possible to operate without protective disconnection of device (jumper off), in which case the opening is possible not only inside but also outside, ie you can use the telephone at the entrance to access by code dialing.

Technical characteristics:

(wiring diagram)
  • Power supply: - 12VDC
  • Access controller interface: - Wiegand26 or DS1990
  • Telephone line voltage: 20-70 V
  • Power supply current: 50 mA
  • Temperature range: from +10 to +40°C

Note: The functional of joint work PBX and access control system allows you to unlock the access points also at the program level, these functions are implemented in "call accounting for pbx" module.

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