Development and manufacture of automation systems

"Komendant" engineering laboratory

Automation of enterprises, hardware and software development  

The Komendant System was designed by a group of Russian engineers who started their work in 1999. The name «Komendant» is the transliteration from the Cyrillic name of the trademark, owned by the ATSN (Ltd) company. Before 2006, the company's activities were oriented at sales and service support of telecommunications equipment and at our own production of simple devices (adapters, converters, coupling modules, etc.). In 2002, our engineers founded the IT community ( only in Russian language), which still successfully performs its activities. In 2006, the company was reorganized and our activities became oriented solely at our own developments related to microprocessor equipment and software. All our activities dealing with any other stuff were abolished, and the major part of the administrative and supplying work was delegated to third-party companies for outsourcing, which enabled the company founders to concentrate as much as possible on development of our own products. To ensure greater mobility and independence, it was also decided to perform all the production-related activities of the company on the contract basis.

Today, the company represents a team of developers who do not have to take care of any administrative or economical activities, nor are they bothered by any relations with third-party companies (developers, creditors, suppliers, any particular manufacturing facilities, etc.), which allows them to remain independent in their and preserve the ability to find solutions for any complicated tasks as soon as possible.

Before 2007, all our products, including software and hardware, were manufactured under the SMDR trademark. In 2007, basing on the devices and software modules developed earlier, we started to develop a hardware and software package complex oriented at the full automation cycle (within a unified multimodule system) for small business companies. In 2008, we released the first version of the Komendant System. On December 29, 2009, we completed the official registration procedure for the «Komendant» trademark (Registration Certificate 400116, Priority from 29.08.2008).

Originally, the product was exclusively oriented at the Russian market and was not intended for use in any other countries, except for some of the CIS countries. At the end of 2012, our software was amended with language localization features, which made it possible to use the Komendant Complex practically in any country.

Developers team

[ Solutions developer / Team leader ] - [ Сontacts ]

The general ideological inspirer for our product (concept, functionality, construction principles, structure). Managing the company's activities (policy, commerce, legal issues, finances). Working with customers, partners and suppliers, as well as with contracts on implementation of individual solutions. [ Personal site ... sorry, only russian language ]

[ Hardware developer ]

Hardware (development of hardware and microprocessor software, circuit engineering, elemental basis). Supervision of the manufacturing processes. Working with retail customers, suppliers and manufacturing facilities. Engineering level support for hardware.

[ Software developer ]

Software (development of the software modules of the complex, ensuring the interaction with third-party systems). Working with contracts on synchronizing the software module with third-party applications. Engineering level support for software.

ATSN ltd. Russia, Moscow, Iskry 31-1

Тел: +7.999.7684948

Monday - Thursday 10:20-17:45 by Moscow

Friday 10:20-14:00 (in the summer - Friday is a day off)

Not working on national holidays of Russia

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